College & Work

Hi everyone!
This post it’s bit late because yesterday was such a busy day. Here’s why.

It started off with college. Woke up at 9 a.m and went to the train station since I take the train every day to college.

At college I took a Spanish exam in which thankfully I succeeded and then took the train again to my apartment to get ready for the little job that I talked about in the previous blog.

I have this curse that I ALWAYS arrive late to every place I go, I try so hard to arrive early but it just won’t happen; so if this happens to you too, do not worry, you’re not alone.

But this time ladies and gentlemen, I managed to arrive four minutes late ONLY, and I had to walk a huge deal from the parking lot to my work place, so… Yeah. I didn’t really care though because the streets of San Juan are so beautiful that I just admired the view while I was walking, I have always loved them.

I wish could have taken more photos but I was in a real hurry and I just took them as I walked. Aren’t they beautiful? If you’ve ever been, let me know your experience.

There was a lot of fancy people there, some really nice and some not so very nice. I had to give the new magazine to all the people attending to the party and receive the guests. I’ve had done this before so it wasn’t exactly a new experience to me but it was fun and I met new people.

I wore a very simple makeup and wore the clothes I showed you on the previous blog. I received a few compliments of my hair and dress (it’s actually a top and skirt). I felt really great since a didn’t receive a compliment in a long time, haha.


This was my work place, the waiters were SO nice, they even brought us some real food to us and it was so yummy. I was really thankful since I was really hungry and didn’t eat anything before arriving (I know, dumb, but I was really late!).

That was my day, it was really fun, sometimes I felt a little bit out of place since I’m not used to be with these kind of people that always look at you over the shoulder but I shook it off and continued with my work and didn’t let it get to me. Don’t ever change yourself for another person if it doesn’t make you happy, always be you because there’s always going to be someone who will love us no matter how we are.


P.S. Wow, I went into some deep sh*t there…
Also, if want to know where to get the outfit, you can check at the links I posted on the previous blog.



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