Opened A Blog…

Hi, anybody that’s reading this; today I decided to open a blog. I got the idea from Marzia Bisognin, the youtuber. I found it quite interesting because I like the idea of saving my day to day experiences so I can cherish them forever, something like a diary, which I would like to get.

I’m no famous person but if you want to get on board in this journey we call life with me, I will have no problem at all. I will share special moments, activities, days with you all here. I really hope you like it.

This is me:

Very few things you could know about me is that I’m a big dreamer and won’t stop until I make it. One of my goals it’s to become a Hollywood actress. But right now I’m attending to college (not by choice) because I have to have a “secure career” (my father’s words). I feel like I’m losing my time (and mind) but I try to focus on the positive things and experiences that will bring me and enjoy the journey while it lasts.

I’m from Puerto Rico but I expect to soon move out to United States. No, it’s not because I don’t like my country, on the contrary I love it; but for I want to accomplish, I won’t find it here.

I am also a model, not top, but I do model and love doing it, although sometimes I don’t enjoy it that much because it’s a very demanding industry and a lot of people criticize you for nothing. But overall, I still love it.

Yes, that’s me carrying a baby. It was VERY stressful to think she could fall off my arms while walking with heals on.

I really do hope you enjoy this blog and hope to meet you soon again.





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