Dress Hunting

Hi, everyone! Hope you’ve had an amazing day.

Today, I had a free day from college but had to study for an exam… yay.
But not for long. I received a call from my manager asking me if I could do a job at a magazine promo called “Mírame” and be a promotor along with three other girls.

I said yes, BUT, I needed a black dress, which I didn’t have in my apartment. You know what that means… I had to go shopping.

You know, the funny thing is that when you have money only for one thing, stores are selling the most amazing clothes that you just want to make it yours right away. So, you wait until you have some money, hoping that they still have beautiful clothes and when you go again… They have the most horrendous and boring clothes you could ever see. So, this was what happened to me today. No money, beautiful clothes.


I couldn’t take pictures of everything but these were some of them.

Anyway, it was almost closing time and I was looking everywhere in Forever 21 for a cheap black dress but that at least looked nice. I tried some choices and the cheapest one was this one. It was a win-win for me since I could use both the skirt and the top for another occasion.


Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Forever 21  | Sandals: Valija

I bought the two items and since the food court was right outside the store, I decided to treat myself some ice cream from Soft and Creamy, it is SO delicious.


And that was my short shopping night. How your day?

P.S. This was on March 2nd, I published it a bit late.





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